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Improve supply chain transparency and efficiency through seamless logistics and distribution integration

Fortify your supply chain with enhanced distribution and logistics insight

Transparency of and insight to distribution and logistics operations plays an important role for each stakeholder in the supply chain. In fact, 84% of supply chain managers consider the lack of visibility on their supply chain as their primary concern. In a competitive and volatile industry, an efficient and agile supply chain can be especially leveraged as a primary asset. The integration of optimization processes and systems into a company’s existing ETRM can help improve network efficiencies, reduce operational costs with greater inventory control, mitigate economical and environmental risks, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Reduced risks and costs


Better alignment of supply with demand


Benefits of Distribution and Logistics Visibility


Increased speed and agility


Improved regulatory compliance insight

How Can Opportune Help?

Analysis of Business Process & Supply Chain

Opportune has deep experience in analyzing business processes for energy companies. Our experts can help you map and increase efficiency of Demand, Supply, and Inventory processes, ultimately improving data flow, accuracy, and visibility.

Logistics & Distribution Tool Implementation

Opportune will tailor its existing logistics and distribution solution to fit your business requirements. Once the tool is selected, our experts will manage the steps and guide the business through the implementation from setup of master reference data to demand planning to reporting and analytics.

Reporting & Analysis

With the use of insightful management dashboards, Opportune provides a custom reporting and analytical analysis for leadership to gain insight into fleet and inventory management, understand how objectives and strategies are being met, and determine what needs to be done to achieve actionable results.

Interface Development with Common Inventory & Logistics Systems

Opportune specializes in interfaces between packaged solutions, and we collaborate with clients to deliver integration insight through data hub with real-time connections and simplified user interaction through customized UI to minimize user touches.

  • Opportune specializes in implementing and integrating:
    • DTN
    • TopTech
    • Dearman
    • Trimble Systems (TMS)
    • T4
    • eStream
    • Bourque Data Systems
    • IntelliTrans
    • Energy trading risk management (ETRM) systems
  • Change Management

    Opportune’s experts not only understand the technology, but they also know how to integrate it seamlessly back into the organization and work to upgrade the skills of the resources as a result.

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