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Enhance your supply chain through the power of optimization

The Value of Optimization

Managing the supply chain can be quite complex. You must think about Supply, Production, Logistics, Inventory, and Demand issues. Leverage the benefits of optimization through incorporation of tools into your organization strategy. Utilize algorithms to enhance and empower the organization so you can respond to the constant challenges of supply chains quicker and with more assurance. Get the most out of your supply chain and value network.

57% of companies believe you can gain a competitive edge


Cut costs by up to 35%%


Supply Chain
Optimization Benefits


Cut stock-outs by 50%


Increase inventory turns by up to 28%

How Can Opportune Help?

Analysis of Business Process and Supply Chain

Opportune has deep experience in analyzing business processes for energy companies. Our experts can help you determine the efficiency of Demand, Supply, and Inventory processes and how those feed and contribute to your overall supply chain.

Software Selection

Opportune will develop a set of requirements, prepare business scenarios, and manage vendors through an entire RFP process so that the business can determine which software is the correct fit.

Supply and Optimization Tool Implementation

Once the tool is selected, our experts will manage the steps and guide the business through the implementation from setup of master reference data to demand planning to supply and reporting.

Interface Development with Common Inventory and Logistics Systems

Opportune specializes in interfaces between packaged solutions and ensuring that the results of the optimization are translated into the automatic creation of orders in the trading system.

Reporting and Analysis

Opportune provides custom reporting and analytical analysis to executives to gain insight into optimization results and understand how objectives and strategies are being met and what needs to be done to achieve actionable results.

Change Management

Opportune’s experts not only understand the technology, but they also know how to integrate it seamlessly back into the organization and work to upgrade the skills of the resources as a result.

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