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Organization & Change Management

The experts at Opportune specialize in maintaining and improving business performance with practical knowledge and strategic thinking. From organizational design and development to human resources management, mergers and acquisitions and project recovery, we are an energy-industry authority on change management.

Working in concert with our Corporate Finance and Enterprise Risk consulting teams, Opportune's process and technology experts understand organizational and change management from inception to completion and support these changes with proven analytics and methodologies.

Training Organization

Opportune uses strategic consulting methods to improve workplace performance, from assessing current training and developing more effective educational programs to anticipating future training needs as businesses and workforces evolve and grow. We combine our technological expertise with our industry knowledge to achieve higher performance, better management and increased efficiency.

Design & Development

An organizational model must reflect a company’s business objectives while optimizing its efficiency, productivity and performance. It must be a natural and strategic fit for our clients’ individual needs. Opportune uses its targeted experience to align goals and capabilities within a custom organizational model that promotes measurable growth and profitability.


Effective communication is paramount to any energy-business process or transaction. Whether our clients are engaging potential stakeholders or implementing new organizational processes, strategic communication is vital. We understand that the message is only as effective as its timing, approach and delivery.

Human Resource Management

Human capital is a powerful force within the energy industry. A company’s success may be dictated in part by people’s individual creativity, talent and drive; strategic personnel management keeps our clients’ workforces flexible, competitive and sustainable. Opportune’s own staff has decades of collective experience at the executive level, enabling us to facilitate effective improvements in human resource management.