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Our clients strive for operational excellence and understand that this goal is a continual journey. Operational processes, whether simple or complex, are vital to each of our client’s success. Streamlined technology, supply chain efficiency and business governance are essential to maintaining — and increasing — reputation and profitability. Opportune steps in to evaluate and rethink energy business processes, making expert recommendations and leading the transformation to help our clients realize their potential.

Business Process Reengineering & Automation

Our strategic approach to business process reengineering often begins with a performance measurement and management evaluation, which will highlight and rank opportunities for improved capabilities and efficiency.

Opportune then aligns these opportunities with your specific business objectives and our energy-industry expertise to create solutions that will improve effectiveness and performance across the business. And because we understand that our clients depend on their ability to scale and expand businesses cost-effectively, our consultants always consider the need for simplification, integration and economic flexibility when updating processes.

Supply Chain Management

Opportune consultants deeply understand the global energy markets from asset development to final settlement at market points. Knowing that supply chain operations are at the core of energy-business profitability and operational success, we can evaluate your operations and find new opportunities for efficiency, productivity and profit.

Opportune consultants use their real-world experience in the energy industry to drive business strategies and performance goals with the following services:

  • Crude supply management
  • Hydrocarbon supply chain planning and optimization
  • Refining operations
  • Production management
  • Maintenance and reliability management
  • Laboratory/quality control
  • Working capital optimization