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Strategic thinking is a core competency at Opportune. We use our broad experience, as both consultants and as energy experts, to perform thorough, insightful business analyses and shape them into fully developed strategies that deliver smart, actionable results.

Business Strategy & Planning

Having held senior executive positions within energy companies and technology firms serving the energy industry, Opportune consultants understand the challenges and opportunities of creating and sustaining a business plan. Our commercial business acumen and deep understanding of operations, technology and risk-management matters help us create effective, value-driven strategies.

Opportune offers responsible recommendations that consider what is at stake and who is affected by strategic decisions within each unique business setting. With pragmatism and confidence, we advise companies on how to sustain and grow market value with minimal risk.

Governance & Risk Management

Our risk-management governance and policy design services are structured around each client’s supply and trading activities. By evaluating specific risk profiles for our clients, Opportune helps them understand the scope of their particular risk tolerances, drive transparency and create effective, proactive policies to ensure appropriate oversight. We openly assess the structures and governance policies of our clients’ peer companies as well, to provide a clear context for our analyses.

Organizational Design

Savvy operations and technology strategy can result in lower transaction costs, better risk control, a scalable infrastructure and more time overall in which to make stronger business decisions. By analyzing ways to reduce cost and streamline technology and process over the long term, Opportune illuminates the relevance and functionality of our clients’ capabilities — mitigating vulnerabilities and redundancies.

We understand that every company has a unique culture and specific business targets — operational and financial. In order to develop the best organizational design for each of our clients, Opportune adapts its expertise to fit the distinctive goals and capabilities of each company. These custom organizational models are designed to promote measurable growth and profitability organically, while optimizing efficiency, productivity and performance.

Change Management

Change management strategies can encompass everything from management and workforce solutions to operations and process, governance and controls, and technology systems. Opportune offers broad experience managing business changes within the energy industry, and has a strong awareness of the opportunities and potential pitfalls that accompany it. We work to help maintain productivity, streamline communications and sustain efficient operations throughout the transition.

When businesses undergo significant transitions, they not only pose new challenges to business processes and technological systems, but also to personnel. Opportune has the expertise to manage workforce issues throughout the transition process, optimizing effectiveness and laying a foundation for sustained success.

Our targeted expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Training

    Opportune uses strategic consulting methods to improve workplace performance, from assessing current training and developing more effective educational programs to anticipating future training needs as businesses and workforces evolve and grow. We combine our technological expertise with our industry knowledge to achieve higher performance, better management and increased efficiency.

  • Communications

    Effective communication is foundational to any organization’s success. Whether our clients are engaging potential stakeholders or implementing new organizational processes, strategic communication is vital. We understand that the message is only as effective as its timing, approach and delivery.

  • Human Resource Management

    Human capital is a powerful force within the energy industry. A company’s success may be dictated in part by people’s individual creativity, talent and drive; strategic personnel management keeps our clients’ workforces flexible, competitive and sustainable. Opportune’s own staff has decades of collective experience at the executive level, enabling us to facilitate effective improvements in human resource management.