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Technology touches every element of the energy industry. Opportune has deep and broad experience across the energy supply chain from asset development and production to processing, transportation and markets. We have the necessary depth of expertise in oil and liquids, natural gas, power, coal, and emissions to select, evolve, integrate and manage high-impact technology solutions. We understand the importance of keeping operations running smoothly while concurrently managing portfolio risks and maintaining compliance with company and regulatory requirements.

Software Selection & Integration

Our experience integrating and implementing software solutions has shown, time and again, that there are no simple, one-size-fits-all answers when it comes to software selection for an energy market participant. But there is a time-tested, proven methodology that leads us to the right choice — every time.

Our knowledge of leading software packages and ability to create custom development options ensure that we meet your functional requirements and operational expectations at every level. By combining our sound business analysis with your strategic vision, Opportune offers objective guidance with consistent, successful results.

Extensive technical expertise, specialized to energy industry demands, also allows us to lead software integration across technologies. Our energy-focused approaches deliver high-performance solutions — swiftly and extensibly — with best-in-class outcomes.


We are not only versed in selecting and implementing energy software, but we can also design the network architecture to support it. A solid foundation of high-availability, scalable, fault-tolerant systems of servers, networks and supporting hardware provides an enabling framework for achieving specific business objectives. Opportune has the twofold vision to see where our clients’ business and technology needs intersect, and meets those needs with a results-driven solution.


Our intimate knowledge of technology security challenges and opportunities ensures that you receive highly specialized service when it comes to safeguarding business assets, whether it is business data or operational controls. From overseeing general compliance issues to performing ethical hacking penetration assessments, Opportune has the skills to keep your technology investments secure and your business up and running.

Custom Development

Where energy-industry specialization and technical expertise meet, anything is possible. Opportune designs, develops and integrates custom software solutions that fit your business model and strategic vision with unmatched skill. Our focus in the energy industry and deep experience with technology alternatives keeps us on leading trends.

Project Management

Our project management objective is simple: efficient excellence. Through proven governance methods and quality assurance protocols, Opportune offers complete services to keep your technology initiatives performing at their peak, including:

  • Overall program governance to foster sound coordination, communication and cooperation within every project and across multiple projects
  • Transactional, fiscal control and administrative reporting
  • Communications strategy, planning and execution with all project stakeholders
  • Consistent, right-sized project management discipline, including implementation of appropriate methodology and supporting standardized tools and techniques

Project Recovery & Remediation

For numerous reasons, our clients at times find themselves in difficult situations on critical projects; they may be behind schedule, over budget or otherwise not meeting their business needs. Opportune can step in at this juncture and act decisively to reestablish a path to success — whether it be a small, isolated, time-sensitive project or a large, complex technology and business transformation.

Our proven track record in project recovery is due in part to our clear and continuous communication with client executives; empowerment of our project leadership to make swift and correct decisions supporting project triage and recovery; and our strategic insight into energy-business operations.