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Ralph E. Davis Associates is a reservoir engineering and geological consulting firm with a distinguished history of over 90 years of service to the oil and natural gas industries. Located in Houston, Texas, the firm evaluates opportunities for client companies worldwide in both prospects for exploration and producing properties for primary and secondary development potential.

The firm was founded by Mr. Ralph E. Davis in 1924 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and relocated its headquarters to Houston, Texas in 1946, and for years maintained offices in Pittsburgh, New York, Shreveport, Amarillo and elsewhere. The company has been in business serving the oil and natural gas industries for almost eighty years and is one of the oldest oil and gas consulting firms in the United States.

Ralph E. Davis Associates has expanded its services throughout the world to address the increasing needs of its clients. Reserve evaluations, field development studies, and certifications for public filings as well as unconventional gas resource studies are being presented to companies operating throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.