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Business Strategy

Seasoned Opportune consultants have held senior executive positions with a variety of energy companies throughout the value chain and with technology firms specializing in the energy markets. We deeply understand the opportunities and challenges of creating a well-thought-out strategy and what it takes to fully execute it and deliver the target business results. Combining our commercial business acumen with our deep understanding of the energy industry, operations, risk management, finance and technology helps ensure that our clients’ business strategies are actionable and drive toward value creation expeditiously.

Opportune works jointly with executive teams to conduct responsible analyses and recommendations that consider who may be affected and what is at stake in each unique business setting. Our extensive hands-on experience in the industry gives us the confidence to advise companies–with pragmatism and boldness–on how to pursue profitable growth while managing and minimizing risk.

Business Analysis

Our approach combines our teams’ deep energy industry knowledge and expertise with structured analysis methodologies to provide key insights into opportunities for improving and sustaining a higher level of business performance. The analysis provides thoughtful and tangible information to better understand market direction, competitive situation, comparative advantages and the capabilities (people, process and technology) required to implement and operationalize changes or a new direction.