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Change Management

Smarter operational practice and technology can result in lower transaction costs, better risk control, a scalable infrastructure and more time to focus on core business operations. We enable our clients to make the right choices at the right times by illuminating the relevance and functionality of the new capabilities, while mitigating vulnerabilities and redundancies. Opportune helps energy businesses sustain high performance and profitability by analyzing ways to reduce cost, streamline technology and think long-term by acting today.

We assist our clients with:

  • Training

    Opportune uses proven consulting methods to improve workplace performance, from assessing current training approaches and developing customized educational programs to anticipating future training needs as businesses and workforces evolve and grow. We combine our technological expertise with our industry knowledge to achieve higher performance, better management and increased efficiency.

  • Communications

    Effective communication is fundamental to any organization’s success. Whether our clients are changing their business model or re-engineering internal processes, strategic communication is vital. We understand the message is only as effective as its timing, approach and delivery.

  • Human Capital Management

    Human capital is a powerful force within the energy industry. A company’s success is dictated, in part, by people’s individual creativity, talent and drive. We know that strategic personnel management keeps our clients’ workforces flexible, competitive and sustainable. Opportune’s own staff has decades of collective experience at the executive level, enabling us to effectively leverage an organization’s human capital assets.