Tax Advisory

Opportune has comprehensive consulting services for businesses across multiple industries. With our expertise in Tax Allocations, Business and Legal Entity Valuations, Deferred Compensation, and Gift and Estate Valuation, we assist companies and individuals in optimizing their financial strategies and decision-making processes. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to delivering reliable and defensible valuation services, ensuring that our clients clearly understand the value of their assets and investments. Whether you require assistance with tax advisory or valuation consulting services, Opportune is committed to delivering tailored solutions that guide your success.

Gift & Estate Valuation

Our Gift & Estate Valuation consulting service provides expert assistance to individuals and families in accurately assessing the value of their gifts and estate assets, enabling effective estate planning and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

  • Subtitle B of the Internal Revenue Code – Assist tax and legal professionals in estimating the fair market value of business assets and interests for gift and estate tax planning and reporting purposes.
  • Professionally documented appraisals for business and financial interests during transfers for gifting or, part of estate planning, that withstand scrutiny
  • Ensuring assets are valued in accordance with IRS code sections and rulings.

Tax Allocations

We provide expert Tax Allocation consulting services to assist businesses in meeting their tax reporting requirements in a defensible and timely manner that complies with regulatory requirements and optimizes their financial strategies.

  • IRC Section 1060 and IRC Section 338 – Allocate the purchase price paid in a transaction to the seven asset classes established by the tax code based on the respective asset classes’ fair market value.
  • Expertise in partnerships, transactions, and tax planning across various industries.
  • Specialization in concerns for private equity-backed firms, real estate partnerships, hedge funds, and more.
  • Real-time delivery of thoroughly documented tax data to minimize tax obligations.

Business & Legal Entity Valuations

Our comprehensive Business & Legal Entity Valuation consulting services to assist companies in estimating the value of their businesses and legal entities, ensuring informed decision-making and compliance with regulatory standards.

  • IRC sections, including IRC Section 338 and IRC Section 355 – Estimate the fair market value of the equity of subsidiary legal entities.
  • Transaction planning, purchase or sale of businesses, financial reporting, financing, and valuation services for legal purposes.
  • Comprehensive analysis to estimate the value of a business in the context of a transaction or reorganization.
  • Empowering businesses with actionable insights for value-driven decisions for mergers and acquisitions.

Deferred Compensation

We offer specialized Valuation Deferred Compensation consulting services to help businesses accurately assess the value and impact of their deferred compensation plans, ensuring effective management and compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • IRC Section 409A – Assist private companies in estimating the fair market value of their common stock for purposes of setting the exercise price of stock options issued to employees.
  • Enhancing deferred compensation programs to attract, retain, and reward valuable employees cost-effectively.
  • Leveraging experience as trusted advocates and consultants to guide strategy and program effectiveness.
  • Providing personalized attention to assess needs, evaluate enhancements, and recommend cost-effective solutions.