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Meet Our Team.

Opportune sets itself apart with industry veterans on both sides of the desk – as energy-market experts and as leading consultants. Our collective expertise encompasses all energy sectors. We have the insight to deliver sound, independent and actionable analysis with confidence.

Headshot of David Baggett, Manager Director of Opportune.

David Baggett

Managing Partner

Headshot of Beaird John, Vice President of Opportune.

John Beaird

Vice President of Ralph E. Davis Associates

Headshot of Ryan Bouley, Manager Director of Opportune.

Ryan Bouley


Headshot of Ken Bourgeois, Principal of Opportune.

Ken Bourgeois


Headshot of Sean Clements, Manager Director of Opportune.

Sean Clements


Headshot of Byrony Coan, Principal of Opportune.

Byrony Coan


Headshot of Trent Determann, Manager Director of Opportune.

Trent Determann

Managing Director & President of Outsourcing

Headshot of John Echols, Manager Director of Opportune.

John Echols


Headshot of James Hanson, Manager Director of Opportune.

James Hanson

Managing Director

Headshot of Jonathan Harms, Manager Director of Opportune.

Jonathan Harms

Managing Director

Headshot of Glenn Hartfiel, Principal of Opportune.

Glenn Hartfiel


Headshot of Steve Hendrickson, President of Ralph E. Davis Associates.

Steve Hendrickson

President of Ralph E. Davis Associates

Headshot of Randy Hill, Manager Director of Opportune.

Randy L. Hill


Headshot of Kurt King, Partner of Opportune.

Kurt King


Headshot of Kent Landrum, Manager Director of Opportune.

Kent Landrum


Headshot of Gregg Laswell, Managing Director of Opportune.

Gregg Laswell

Managing Director

Headshot of Paul Legoudes, Manager Director of Opportune.

Paul Legoudes

Managing Director

Headshot of Lynn Loden, Manager Director of Opportune.

Lynn Loden

Managing Director

Headshot of Dave Loucks, Principal of Opportune.

Dave Loucks


Headshot of Kristin Floyd Newton, Managing Director of Opportune.

Kristin Floyd Newton

Managing Director

Headshot of Dean Price, Partner of Opportune.

Dean Price


Headshot of Shane Randolph, Manager Director of Opportune.

Shane Randolph


Headshot of Emily Santoni, Chief Market Officer of Opportune.

Emily Santoni

Chief Marketing Officer

Headshot of Ryan T. Senter, Partner of Opportune.

Ryan T. Senter


Headshot of Josh Sherman, Partner of Opportune.

Josh Sherman


Headshot of Matt Smith, Managing Director of Opportune.

Matt Smith

Managing Director

Headshot of Glenn Sniezek, Principal of Opportune.

Glenn Sniezek


Headshot of Carl Wimberley, Partner of Opportune.

Carl Wimberley


Add value to clients.

We accomplish this by having all of our focus on you, the client, and by staffing our assignments with seasoned energy professionals who have executive-level experience in leading both industry and professional services.

We embrace a culture of quality, integrity, teamwork and professionalism. The Opportune team has the rare combination of diverse subject matter expertise, valuable client service experience and proven success.