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Energy Transition

Maximizing ESG Value Creation

Businesses and companies are at a defining moment to act on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues. No longer a fringe concept, ESG is at the forefront of management teams, boardrooms, investors, capital markets, and stakeholders to build long-term resilience and a sustainable competitive advantage for their businesses and society at large. Whatever your challenge may be, we are committed to supporting measurable change that support your unique ESG initiatives as you navigate today’s evolving, and rapidly shifting, ESG-driven demands.

Don’t Navigate The ESG Journey Alone. We’re Here To Help.

Digitize Your Oilfield & Back-Office

Increased scrutiny around ESG reporting and investing is necessary to enhance transparency with regulators, investors, management teams, and their shareholders. Whether your needs are selecting the right software like Salesforce to accurately track emissions data in the oilfield for financial reporting and disclosure purposes or aligning with automated ESG measurement solutions like Data Gumbo to facilitate paperless commercial transactions to streamline back-office functions, we have you covered.

Stand Up Your Business On Solid ESG Footing

Newly formed companies need experienced advisors that have deep energy experience who know how to develop realistic, yet achievable, ESG strategies and goals. Opportune’s energy advisory professionals are skilled at facilitating the full life cycle of a transaction by leveraging the firm's full suite of services and expertise in Outsourcing, Complex Financial Reporting, Tax, Valuation, and Transactional Due Diligence that can put you on a path to success.

Drive Multi-Stakeholder Engagement & Execution

Multiple federal and state tax credits are available to promote investment and project development capital for renewable energy projects. Opportune can help bring all stakeholders to the table and initiate deal flow. We are qualified to determine what tax credits might be available and who qualifies, facilitate the connection of counterparties, and ultimately bring your company or renewable project from concept to reality that drives investment value and performance.

At Opportune, we help clients create value by aligning ESG strategies and practices with new social, environmental, and economic realities.

– Linden Nicosia, Director, Opportune LLP
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There Are Three Components To ESG

ESG issues are evolving across multiple industry sectors and are a critical business imperative that requires a strategic, multi-stakeholder approach. That’s why Opportune understands the importance of integrating ESG with business strategy for the long-term financial and operational benefit of your shareholders and stakeholders.

Josh Sherman, Partner, Opportune LLP
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