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In August 2019, Opportune Was Engaged To Provide Advisory Services And AId In The Consolidation Of A Private Equity Investment Firm’s (“Private Equity Firm”) Current Portfolio. Private Equity Firm Operates As An Investor For Companies Specializing In Oil And Gas Acquisitions And Exploitation, Development Drilling, Acquisitions And Mineral Royalties. They Have Invested In A Multitude Of Transactions With Over 200 Companies In The Energy Sector. With Their Initiative To Cut Cost, Primarily To Reduce G&A, Private Equity Firm Identified Four Companies Within Their Portfolio That Had Assets In The Same Area, Thus Providing Means For Suitable Consolidation. It Was Determined That One Of The Four Merging Entities, A Midland-Based E&P Entity (“The Company”), Would Become The Surviving Management Post-Consolidation.