How Allegro ETRM System Transformed a Natural Gas Liquids Producer

Sarah Kovach Volz Written by Sarah Kovach Volz

How Allegro ETRM System Transformed a Natural Gas Liquids Producer

One of the largest natural gas processors and natural gas liquids producers and marketers in the United States (“the Company”) sought assistance selecting, designing, and delivering an integrated solution for their logistics, marketing, and producing operational activities to replace their disparate legacy systems. The Company engaged Opportune’s Process & Technology group to implement the Allegro ETRM system for their physical and financial natural gas trading activity. The solution replaced legacy systems that were highly customized with manual processes. The scope of services performed included:

  • Provided project/program management and ETRM subject matter expertise.
  • Led and directed all functional, UAT, and parallel testing efforts for trading, risk, scheduling, and accounting teams.
  • Cleansed and converted over 20 years of data stored across multiple systems into one instance of Allegro.
  • Established master data governance processes across the enterprise.
  • Developed a new Trader Position View with midstream Available for Sale (AFS) volumes and managed the design of the Netback functionality.
  • Facilitated the change process management process and provided customized training and user procedures to business users.
  • Provided development support for Allegro extensions and 3rd party integrations.

Our team added value by providing subject matter expertise across natural gas and Allegro to complete the large-scale implementation successfully. Opportune helps clients improve, modernize, and standardize their business processes, organization, and automation systems by applying deep energy industry expertise and a holistic approach to change management. Companies benefit from providing strong executive support for change and building a culture supportive of distributed decision-making, information sharing, and willingness to adapt to new ways of doing things. As a result of the successful implementation, the client benefitted from reduced support costs, transparency across business functions, reduced risk with gained visibility asset exposures, and reduced support costs that were growing with their legacy systems.

Opportune has provided energy trading and commodity trading risk management services to many industry sectors and players. We offer our clients all the knowledge and resources that come with a seasoned staff adept in energy-industry specialization and financial acumen. For more information, CLICK HERE.

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