Upstream: Process & Technology: Advocacy Strategic Engagement App On Salesforce

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Upstream: Process & Technology: Advocacy Strategic Engagement App On Salesforce

One of the largest independent oil and gas companies in the world with significant proven reserves in North America had a growing awareness of the opportunity and responsibility to influence third-party organizations that drove policy and regulatory decisions. Government, industry, and advocacy organizations, along with competitors, convened in a myriad of ways to shape new laws and regulations. It was important that their voice was part of the serious conversations around resources, people, and the environment, and that they be aware of the potential outcomes of those conversations.

As the company began to invest heavily in becoming part of the process of change, it became apparent how complex an environment existed. In order to have a clear, cohesive, and consistent message to the numerous audiences involved, an organized approach was needed. The company engaged Opportune to build a system that would serve as a central hub for all information and activities related to its advocacy efforts. Building on the inherent strengths of the Salesforce platform, Opportune built a web application and mobile app to provide the following capabilities:

  • Risk Assessment – The regulatory team and other stakeholders use the app to quantify the financial, environmental and reputational impacts of the identified risks enabling the client to prioritize efforts across the organization based on overall value to the company.
  • Issue Tracking – Serving as a central source for important information related to issues, stakeholders can quickly access the company’s position on a topic, its approach to mitigating an issue, the potential impact to the business and recent updates from regulatory agency meetings and activities.
  • Project Management – As issues evolve to a point in which the company takes action, the app serves as a tool for project planning and execution. All stakeholders can easily see the status of their important issues, open tasks and engage in collaborative discussions.
  • Time and Expenses – As frontline employees across the business engage in advocacy-related activities, they are now capable of tracking their related time and expenses through the app, which provides management a clearer view into the actual cost of its advocacy efforts.
  • Management Reporting – The app provides executives with a 360-degree view of its advocacy efforts through a dashboard that summarizes the most recent and relevant information related to their industry efforts and projects.

The Advocacy Strategic Engagement App adds value by giving the company a tool that prioritizes and simplifies how stakeholders capture and access information and streamline workflows that span a variety of departments and regions. Stakeholders across the business now have access to critical information about issues and projects enabling the company to more effectively advocate its position.

Opportune’s Salesforce for Energy practice includes strategy development, planning, implementation, Lightning migration, integration and support services for all of the major cloud products from Salesforce, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Integration Cloud and Salesforce Platform. For more information, CLICK HERE.

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