EBook: The ETRM Of The Future

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EBook: The ETRM Of The Future

Due to advanced pricing and capacity planning capabilities, the energy trading and risk management (ETRM) system continues to fill critical functional gaps in the recording, processing, and settling of commodity transactions across the oil and gas industry. However, many of these solutions are showing their age. They’re built on older technologies, which haven’t adapted well to changing business conditions, nor have they facilitated accelerated deployment methodologies like Agile. As a result, new ETRM implementation costs continue to rise, as do ongoing support and maintenance costs.

In today’s fast-paced, high-risk field of energy commodity trading and risk management, traders, risk managers, schedulers, back-office professionals, IT project and support leaders cannot afford to fall behind the competition by relying on outdated approaches like spreadsheets or legacy ETRM technology platforms that don’t meet the needs of ever-changing business requirements.

So, how can organizations stay ahead of the curve? By shifting to the ETRM of the future. Getting there requires rethinking your approach to ETRM technology and partnering with an experienced energy business advisor that can help unlock enterprise value and manage risk.

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