Supply Chain Optimization and Weather Impacts with Alteryx

Michael Wohlfarth Written by Michael Wohlfarth
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Supply Chain Optimization and Weather Impacts with Alteryx

In today's interconnected global economy, supply chain optimization plays a critical role in driving business success. However, unpredictable weather events such as hurricanes, tropical storms, and extreme weather conditions can significantly disrupt supply chains, leading to production delays, transportation challenges, and product shortages.

Weather events have a far-reaching impact on supply chains across industries. Companies heavily reliant on sourcing materials from specific regions, transporting goods through vulnerable routes, or operating in regions prone to severe weather are particularly susceptible to disruptions.

When a major weather event strikes, offshore drilling platforms, terminals, and transportation hubs may be forced to shut down, leading to delays in production and delivery. Demand patterns may shift during and after extreme weather events, making it essential for businesses to adjust their supply chains in real-time to meet customer needs. Failure to respond swiftly to these dynamic changes can result in lost opportunities, increased costs, and potential reputational damage.

Run-Outs Aren’t Always Avoidable

Despite the prevalence of algorithms and extensive planning, shortages of refined products, such as gasoline and diesel, can still occur during certain circumstances. The occurrence of such shortages is often linked to the impact of hurricanes or tropical storms, especially when rigs in the Gulf of Mexico must be shut down, and crews are evacuated for safety reasons. The suspension of oil production in the Gulf reduces the supply of crude oil being transported to onshore refineries. While the immediate effects may not be apparent, the aftermath and destruction can eventually take a toll on both crude oil and the resulting refined products like gasoline and diesel.

In the case of particularly intense storms, pipeline operations may also be shut down to ensure safety. This disruption in the pipeline flow leads to supply chain issues at various destinations. The amount of fuel stored at major terminals along pipelines, such as the Colonial Pipeline that extends from the Gulf Coast to New Jersey on the East Coast, is limited. Consequently, when news spreads about the storm's impact, densely populated cities far from the Gulf Coast can be caught off guard. These sudden spikes in fuel demand, though foreseeable in hindsight, often make headlines in local newspapers. As the storm's path and the extent of panicked demand unfold, cities like Atlanta are usually among the first to experience temporary fuel shortages. This is followed by other cities up the East Coast, depending on the storm's trajectory and the resulting demand fluctuations.

The graphic below illustrates the aftermath of the temporary shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline in 2021 due to a Malware attack. Although unrelated to storm activity, it tells a similar story of a weather-related shutdown. Because of the shutdown, the percentage of gas stations without fuel increased significantly along the East Coast.

Supply Chain Optimization and Weather Impacts with Alteryx 1

Knowledge Is Power

Given the certainty of hurricane season, it's expected that there will be disruptions in the energy supply chain. This will likely lead to a sudden increase in demand. To prepare for such situations, companies can follow a strategic approach. The initial step involves digitizing the supply chain, ensuring precise tracking of inventory and logistics. Next, combining analytics with this data is crucial. Specifically, integrating weather data allows you to use forecasts to monitor disruptions and predict them in advance. By taking these steps, companies can plan and respond proactively to potential challenges caused by the hurricane season.

Supply Chain Optimization and Weather Impacts with Alteryx 2

Introducing StormOptics - The Solution to Weather-Induced Supply Chain Challenges

StormOptics, a tailor-made Alteryx app, has emerged as a powerful ally in helping businesses optimize their supply chains amidst the unpredictable weather landscape. By harnessing the potential of Alteryx's robust data analytics and automation capabilities, StormOptics offers an unparalleled solution to weather-related supply chain disruptions. When unpredictable storms threaten to disrupt operations, StormOptics steps in to provide critical insights and foresight. Leveraging advanced analytics, the app equips companies with predictive tools to anticipate the impact of storms on their supply chains, resources, and operations. With StormOptics, companies can navigate through turbulent weather conditions with confidence and efficiency, safeguarding their operations and maintaining superior customer service.

Key Features of StormOptics:

  • Real-Time Weather Insights: StormOptics integrates real-time weather data from multiple sources, keeping supply chain managers informed about the latest weather conditions. This up-to-the-minute information empowers them to make timely decisions and proactively respond to potential threats.
  • Predictive Analytics: Leveraging Alteryx's advanced analytics, StormOptics crunches historical weather data and combines it with supply chain performance metrics. The app identifies patterns and trends, enabling businesses to forecast and prepare for weather-induced supply chain challenges.
  • Customizable Scenario Modeling: StormOptics boasts a customizable scenario modeling feature that allows supply chain professionals to simulate the impact of various weather events. Armed with this foresight, businesses can craft robust contingency plans, ensuring operational continuity even in the face of adverse weather conditions.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: With StormOptics, businesses can access comprehensive data and actionable insights, empowering them to make informed decisions. This data-driven approach optimizes inventory levels, streamlines transportation routes, and enhances overall supply chain resilience.
  • Enhanced Automation and Efficiency: Alteryx's automation capabilities embedded in StormOptics streamline data processing and analysis, reducing the time taken to make critical supply chain decisions. This increased efficiency ensures that businesses can adapt to weather impacts swiftly and decisively.
Supply Chain Optimization and Weather Impacts with Alteryx 3

By embracing StormOptics, companies can leverage the power of Alteryx's advanced data analytics and automation capabilities, ensuring that their supply chains remain resilient, adaptable, and ready to navigate through any storm that comes their way. Let StormOptics be your guiding light as you chart a course towards a weather-resilient supply chain future.

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