The 5 Pillars To Creating A Loved Work Culture

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The 5 Pillars To Creating A Loved Work Culture

Let’s face it; work culture has been permanently changed by the past few years’ events. From the pandemic to the great resignation, companies have had to reprioritize initiatives to meet the evolving needs and desires of employees. Even in 2023, people trends continue to change. When it comes to analyzing new job opportunities, we as individuals, all have our criteria of what constitutes a good fit —compensation, employee benefits, work-life balance elements, and more. Arguably, the most important element of an organization is its culture. Company culture impacts the candidates you attract, but creating a positive company culture is no easy task. Building a culture that people love requires an intentional approach that starts with the organization’s leadership. Here are key factors that contribute to a positive and appealing company culture according to our employees and leadership:

Define Your Values

Companies need to have a clear understanding of their values and mission, and they need to communicate these values to employees, customers, and other stakeholders. At Opportune, our singular mission is to add value to our clients, people, and the community. We create and nurture a firm culture where our people feel connected, respected, and valued. We are committed to living our values – Integrity, Quality, Teamwork, Professionalism, Accountability, Sense of Urgency, and One Firm. We believe that we add value together as we learn and collaborate. These values help to create a shared sense of purpose and direction that inspires people to work together towards a common goal.

Foster A Positive Work Environment

A company culture that prioritizes employees’ well-being and satisfaction can significantly impact employee engagement and job satisfaction. This includes promoting work-life balance, creating a safe and inclusive work environment, and recognizing and rewarding employee achievements. Setting your employees up for success – especially with hybrid work settings like Opportune – comes down to how you support them emotionally, intellectually, and physically. The goal is to help employees feel connected and build a sense of community, even when they are not in the office 24/7, through company-wide events and community involvement. It is important to be intentional about providing opportunities for connection.

Encourage Professional Growth & Development

Employees want to grow and advance in their careers, and companies that invest in employee development tend to have more satisfied and motivated employees. This can include offering training and development opportunities, promoting from within, and providing career advancement opportunities. In addition, professional development can bolster employees’ confidence in their work. In turn, confidence in employees translates into higher overall job satisfaction, performance, productivity, and morale. While things sometimes seem basic or intuitive, doing this right can significantly impact your company culture.

Foster Collaboration & Teamwork

Companies that encourage collaboration and teamwork tend to have more engaged employees who feel valued and supported. This includes promoting open and transparent communication, creating opportunities for cross-functional teamwork, and recognizing the contributions of all team members. A company’s leadership sets the tone for the culture, and leaders who model the values and behaviors they expect from employees can significantly impact creating a positive and appealing company culture. This includes taking a personal interest in employees, being transparent and accessible, and demonstrating integrity and ethics in all actions. One of the things many of our employees note in our evaluations is how Partners and senior leadership spend time interacting with and collaborating at all levels. Engagement throughout all levels of an organization isn’t just good for morale; it’s also good for companies’ bottom lines. Reports have shown companies with a high level of employee engagement are more profitable by a factor of 21%.

Continuously Evolve

Company culture is an ongoing process and should be evaluated regularly to changing needs and circumstances. Allowing your workplace to evolve in response to changing expectations and needs will allow you to attract and retain better talent, enhance organizational efficiency, and create an overall positive work environment. This includes engaging employees in regular feedback and suggestion programs, gathering metrics on culture and employee engagement, and making changes that align with the values and mission of the company. Doing periodic evaluations is crucial for the employees and the employer. You learn your strengths and weaknesses by gathering feedback from every individual who makes up your company. In addition, working with employees to improve their work life is essential. Employees want actions to align with the words of their company leadership.

Building a company culture that people love takes time and effort, but the rewards of a positive and engaged workplace can be significant. By focusing on the values of your firm, fostering a positive work environment that encourages professional and personal growth, encouraging collaboration and teamwork across all levels, and evolving with time, companies can create an attractive and sustainable culture. If you are interested in joining our company culture, see what careers we have available.

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