Top 5 Things You Should Look For In Your Business Process Outsourcing Firm

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Top 5 Things You Should Look For In Your Business Process Outsourcing Firm

Using the right business process outsourcing (BPO) firm can help your business in many ways. From improving operations, eliminating bottlenecks, and delivering higher quality service to saving money, boosting profit, and providing energy-specific industry expertise, partnering with an experienced BPO team with deep energy expertise can make a world of difference. However, with large and small firms competing for your outsourcing of back-office functions, it’s essential to find a BPO advisory firm that can offer outsourcing solutions for unique problems—no matter how complex.

The following are five key things you should look for in your BPO firm:

1. Industry Expertise

Each industry has its own unique set of challenges and requirements. For example, the energy industry has many subsectors, all of which have their own distinct concerns and unique needs that require unique solutions. When choosing a BPO firm, you want guidance from a team with industry experience who understands your unique problems and knows how to deliver tailored solutions.

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It’s crucial to partner with an experienced BPO team that understands your industry-specific interests, the current market, and best practices. You want an experienced team that focuses on the same topics that matter to you and your business. With that focus comes new insights and ideas that help you expand and improve your business.

2. Longevity

A common thing to look for when choosing a BPO firm is how long the company has been in business. The thought behind this is if organizations have been in business for an extended period, it shows:

  • They do beneficial work.
  • They adapt to the times.
  • They keep their customers happy.

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3. Tailored Solutions

Adding value to clients is not just a saying or cliche at Opportune; it’s a fundamental tenet we apply every day. The right BPO firm shouldn’t expect your challenges to require a cookie-cutter solution. Every situation is unique and so are your needs. Sure, using best practices and proven models to achieve the desired outcome is wise, but we never try to solve business challenges with a one-size-fits-all model.

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Your BPO firm should be interested in who you are—your goals, culture, aspirations, and other details that make your organization unmatched. Your BPO firm should seek to understand how management and business divisions communicate and solve unique problems, how processes currently work, and the challenges you’re facing. Then they can provide you with tailored BPO solutions that truly fit your needs.

4. Innovation

Ask yourself this, “Can my BPO firm keep up with my growing needs?”. From people through infrastructure and technology, you need to be working with a BPO company that matches your growth capabilities.

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While many BPO firms specialize in only one area, there’s value in partnering with a BPO firm that can properly handle multiple specializations. Why? Because when an organization has a successful outcome, leaders typically would prefer to gain advice from or outsource more processes to that firm. So, choose a firm with multiple specializations that appeal to you even if you’re not ready to sign up for all its services. This saves you valuable time and money in the long run. It also allows you to access expert opinions much easier than going through other parties with isolated specialties.

Another thing to note is finding a BPO firm that utilizes reliable and robust technology. While using the newest and shiniest technology and/or software is good, it doesn’t always guarantee equally impressive results. Look for a BPO team that uses technology in a helpful way to solve real problems, not one that tries to solve problems with new software without understanding the business side of the equation or doesn’t think through unintended consequences. Do you need to be as versed as your BPO firm is in its tools? No, but understanding and knowing can help you have confidence in their ability to find innovative solutions for your needs.

5. Culture

While everything above is crucial, people don’t often look at the culture within the company. Does your BPO firm have the right mix of work experience, backgrounds, and people? Choosing a BPO firm that encourages diversity and advocates a culture of inclusiveness is an excellent indicator of how your working relationship could be with them. Other outstanding work culture attributes to look in a BPO firm include:

  • How your BPO firm handles recruitment.
  • Celebrating personal and professional accomplishments within the organization.
  • What the company core values are.

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Now ask yourself, do you think the people handling your outsourcing will do better if they are enthusiastic about their work and team, or hate work and are always trying to push paper for the purpose of “just finishing”? The answer is obvious, so don’t get caught up in only looking at the numbers. Focus on the people behind those numbers. That’s why we consistently bring in and keep the brightest talent that knows how to focus on you—the client—and deliver specific solutions that fit your specific needs.

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