Downstream: Process & Technology: ETRM Implementation

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Downstream: Process & Technology: ETRM Implementation

Our client (“the Company”) acquired an idled refinery in June 2012. Shortly after the acquisition, the client began the turnaround with more than 1,200 contractors on-site to bring the refinery online. As part of this turnaround, the Company engaged Opportune for an ETRM implementation. Opportune worked with the Company’s personnel to implement a commercial system with the ability to run an “order-to-cash” process. The system selected was the RightAngle (RA) solution.

Opportune provided the Company with the following services:

  • Opportune specifically designed processes around the organization, business requirements, and the RA application to coordinate daily business interactions between the internal workgroups at our client, as well as those of their parent company.
  • The functional processes covered front-to-back-office needs, including deal capture, operations, scheduling, actualization, pricing, tax, settlements, and accounting. The RA implementation alleviated the heavy lifting for the new, but growing, organization by including automation for Toptech truck liftings, inventory management utilizing the combination of OSIsoft’s PI within Teradata, and integration between RA and SAP to streamline the AR/AP accounting functions.
  • To support compliance reporting requirements for our client, Opportune implemented additional reports within RA, including inventory, production book, foreign-trade zone, and ExSTARS.
  • After the “go-live,” Opportune continued to provide support and additional enhancements as requested, which introduced a deal approval workflow and 30+ additional reports, including audit, reconciliation, and accounting reports.

As a result, Opportune worked with the Company to understand the critical pieces to get the business running prior to the first run of crude—less than three months after the refinery’s acquisition.

Technology touches every element of the energy industry. Opportune has deep and broad experience across the energy supply chain — from asset development and production to processing, transportation and markets. We have the necessary depth of expertise in oil and liquids, natural gas, power, coal, and emissions to select, evolve, integrate and manage high-impact technology solutions. We understand the importance of keeping operations running smoothly while concurrently managing portfolio risks and maintaining compliance with company and regulatory requirements. For additional information, CLICK HERE.

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