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The Right Team For A Complex Industry

The operational and financial challenges that arise in the energy industry are unique, often complex, and bring about an array of questions asked in a vernacular all their own. For example:

  • How does PV-10 translate into enterprise value?
  • What are the differences between an ORRI, an NPI, and a VPP, and how do they affect a company's ability to reorganize?
  • What impact do spark spreads have on a peaker plant’s extrinsic value?
  • How can commodity and non-commodity offerings be used to drive a REP’s value?
  • How can tax assets be used to create an MLP drop-down investment vehicle?

And while the language, structures, and composition of the industry are, in themselves, complicated, the overlay of restructuring and bankruptcy on the larger dynamics of the energy space creates the need for a professional services firm that is as equally and intimately versed in the industry’s nuances as it is in the financial, technical, and legal aspects of corporate restructuring.

In this regard, Opportune differentiates itself in the world of financial and operational restructuring by delivering the specialized and unparalleled combination of a team that has deep energy industry expertise and provides best-in-class bankruptcy and restructuring advisory services.

Whether redefining a business plan, negotiating changes to a capital structure, preparing a debtor for Chapter 11, or advising stakeholders in the pursuit of enhanced recoveries, Opportune’s energy-only focus meaningfully sets us apart. Our involvement enhances our clients’ credibility and affords them a significant and unmatched competitive advantage throughout the lifecycle of a transaction.