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Renewable Diesel in The Marketplace

Opportune LLP is uniquely qualified to assist with your renewable diesel initiative based on the following:

Opportune Expertise
System Experience For Evolving Markets by Opportune

System Experience For Evolving Markets

Having implemented, upgraded, and supported various ETRM systems for clients as markets evolved, Opportune can help in the transition to a renewable diesel future as well. We have proven experience to enable deal capture, valuation, reporting, track generated LCFS and/or RIN credits, deficits vs. credit obligations, and produce regulatory reports.

Valuation by Opportune


There are challenges around the valuation of illiquid assets due to renewable diesel becoming an emerging market. This causes obscure spot prices and forward curve valuation. Bringing deep energy expertise, Opportune can help with the modeling of renewable diesel, feedstocks, and LCFS and RIN credits.

Risk Management by Opportune

Risk Management

Opportune has experience in risk management regarding market price volatility, P&L, and hedging in new commodity markets over the years. Understanding your market exposure leads to effective hedging and is a key component when dealing with emerging markets such as renewable diesel, new feedstocks, and LCFS and RIN credits.

Settlement & Process by Opportune

Settlement & Process

Ensuring accurate settlement and digitizing processes to maximize efficiency are major concerns for business managers. Opportune can assist in these efforts, as well as lead change management along the way.

Reporting & Tax by Opportune

Reporting & Tax

Opportune has the experts to create analytics that provides valuable business insights and reports for regulatory compliance. Finally, our team can assist in producing accurate tax filings, ensuring a smooth transition to producing and marketing a new renewable fuel.

The Opportune Advantage

  • Unmatched experience across the entire energy spectrum. We are an energy firm.
  • Highly experienced team with physical trading energy asset operations, logistics, and risk management expertise.
  • Deep acquisition integration expertise delivering synergies and operational performance.
  • Financial service lines complementing processes: Complex Financial Reporting, Tax, and Valuation.

Opportune LLP is a leading global energy business advisory firm specializing in adding value to clients across the energy industry, including upstream, midstream, downstream, power and gas, commodities trading, and oilfield services. Opportune's service lines include complex financial reporting, disputes & litigations, enterprise risk, investment banking, outsourcing, process and technology, reserve engineering and geosciences, restructuring, strategy and organizational design, tax, transactional due diligence, and valuation.

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