Asset Backed Security (ABS) Transactions

Our firm provides a one-stop shop to support ABS Transaction, including pre-transaction due diligence and serving as the back-up manager once closed. Our seasoned transaction advisory professionals can provide efficient and timely reporting to meet the requirements for closing ABS transactions and perform the requisite post-closing duties of the back-up manager.

As one of only a few firms approved by Fitch to provide backup manager duties for oil and gas ABS transactions, our firm is uniquely qualified and a one-stop shop. Given our wealth of experience in the E&P industry, in-house reserve engineering capabilities, and outsourcing teams, our firm is unmatched in its ability to perform diligence and backup manager duties for oil and gas ABS transactions.  By being able to support multiple aspects required to close an ABS transaction, our firm provides packaged services that are both efficient and recognized in ABS Transactions.

We provide the following services for ABS transactions:

  • Pre-close reviews of investment banking and/or company financial models and waterfall calculations
  • Issuance of required diligence reports (financial and engineering) to close the transaction
  • Issuance of Technical Diligence Report and hosting of investor technical diligence calls by our in-house engineers (Ralph E. Davis Associates)
  • Back-Up Manager Role
    • Review of monthly noteholder reporting
    • Review of quarterly and annual financial statements
    • Review of reserve reports
    • Step in as asset manager if required
Carl Wimberley

Carl Wimberley

Gregg Laswell

Gregg Laswell

Managing Director
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Glenn Sniezek


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