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field service automation

In an effort to minimize manual processes and increase efficiency, O&G companies are shifting towards automated systems for asset maintenance. These systems streamline the scheduling and performance of routine and as-needed service and have increased visibility into actual cost, time, and effort requirements.

Challenges For Field Automation

Many O&G companies manage large portfolios of assets that require consistent maintenance. It can be cumbersome to manage repair and upkeep schedules, inventory levels, and associated costs.

Utilization of spreadsheets and email inboxes lead to segregated, inconsistent, and manual processes.

No single source of truth creates reporting limitations (difficult to track accurately, no audit history, inability to track costs efficiently).

Time intensive scheduling process makes it difficult to apply the right person to the right job in a timely fashion.

Opportune in Field Service

Opportune helps customers meet this challenge by implementing Salesforce Field Service. Our seasoned team understands the industry and the technology and helps our customers see the achieve the benefits of this fit-for-purpose solution. Some of the benefits seen with Salesforce Field Service:

Downtime reduction


Driver-related incident reduction


First-time-fix rate improvement


Inventory balance reduction

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