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inventory management

Gain insight into your inventory and effectively manage working capital

The Value of Inventory Management

Inventory is critical to the overall supply chain whether it is tracking raw materials, work in progress (WIP), in-transit, buffer, safety, or finished goods. Knowledge of multi-modal transportation is critical to tracking and tracing inventory through the supply chain. Once companies can effectively track inventory, they gain insight into it, and can then manage it to set meaningful targets – often incorporating in optimization objectives.

Reduce inventory by up to 50%


Lower supply chain costs by 20-30%


Inventory Management


Cut stock-outs by 50%


Increase inventory turns by up to 28%

Where Opportune Can Track Materials

  • Opportune has deep experience in tracking and tracing of inbound supplier shipments to commercial systems
  • Opportune can provide executive dashboard visibility on the progression of inventory in the supply chain
Raw Materials
  • Opportune has expertise in connecting with all the major pipelines for automated scheduling and actualization
  • Opportune specializes in interface development and increasing overall transparency of data
  • Managing inventory in secondary storage is difficult. Opportune utilizes AI to anticipate and prevent run-outs
  • Opportune also has expertise in optimizing the secondary storage based on variable demand
Secondary Storage
  • Opportune has deep expertise in netback analysis to enable executives to understand the value of their finished products
  • Opportune’s expertise allows for executives to manage working capital more closely and effectively
Finished Products

How Can Opportune Help?

Analysis and Design of Business Processes

Opportune has deep experience in analyzing business processes for energy companies. Our experts can help you map and increase efficiency of inventory processes, thereby improving the flow and accuracy of the data. If your company lacks business processes, we will leverage our expertise to create ones for you.

Inventory Tool Software Customization

Opportune will tailor its existing inventory solution to fit your requirements and business scenarios. The fit-for-purpose app will be designed and built to provide necessary functionality without the excessive footprint accompanying traditional ERP systems.

Interface Development with Common Inventory and Logistics Systems

Opportune specializes in interfaces connecting to inventory sources: DTN, TopTech, Dearman, Trimble Systems (TMS), T4, eSTream, Bourque Data Systems, IntelliTrans, and energy trading risk management (ETRM) systems. Interfaces increase the overall efficiency of the capture and tracking processes.

Reporting and Analysis

Opportune provides custom reporting and analytical analysis to executives to gain insight into the inventory values and understand how objectives and strategies are being met and what needs to be done to achieve actionable results.

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